Almost Forgot

The boss’s visit went very well. He kept asking me to “Wait for your next P&L results.” And I kept wondering why.

Then on Friday I got my statement. Well not my statement but the statement that reflects the monthly and yearly revenue of the business I run.

And there were huge gains. HUGE. Apparantly even though the store isn’t meeting its targeted sales goals, our profits are doing very well. My boss even said “THIS is all you should be concerned about. Who cares if you blow the budget out of the water if you’re not making any money? Sure you’re down for the year in targeted sales but look at your bottom line! This store is making more money than it has in years. It means you’re selling more than you’re buying and that’s the point.” I wanted to hug his neck. But he’s not very huggable. Though he is very nice.

Turns out, he flew out basically to boost our morale. And to give us an inside look at how the store is really doing. Then he told us we could stay here as long as we wanted. “If you guys love it here, I’ll make sure nothing changes.”

I did tell him EVERYTHING I thought of how we’ve been treated since the departure of our good friends. And I didn’t leave anything out. I knew there was a risk of serious reprimands but I figured at that point, I had nothing to lose. He was shocked that Howard and I both were that candid but he respected our points of view and listened to everything we had to say. I felt much better and he left on a positive note.

I am very relieved. Not that anything will change corporate wise, but I’m glad we were able to speak our minds. And I’m glad we’re doing better than we thought we were.

I might even quit the Prozac, but don’t hold your breath.

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