Mama Jean

We put Mama Jean on the plane to Anchorage this morning. Amongst choked back tears and tight hugs.

I really am sad that she’s gone. She’s been with us for a month. The house has never been cleaner. She says she’s never had such a relaxing vacation in her life.

To have a mother-in-law that I really love and consider my friend means that I’m really lucky. She’s so easy to co-habitate with. She’s not overbearing or pushy. She’s laid-back and accepting. I’ve always loved that about her. She’s made friends here too. We had a nice farewell dinner for her last night. I made Japanese. She insisted on cleaning up afterwards. That’s just how she is. She wanted to stay longer, possibly forever, but she fosters our other dog and had to get back to him. If we could tranquilize him, I’d move the both of them up here. But his (Zeus, our dog) experiences with confinement have been traumatic. We have this vision of him, waking up in mid flight, and chewing his way out of his crate. And believe me, he could. So unless he’s tranq’ed like an elephant, he’ll be grounded for the rest of his life. But there’s always hope.

Dusty was really smitten with Mama Jean. He offered to chip in on her plane ticket so she could come back during the holidays or during the Iditarod. He met us at the airport this morning to see her off. He wants her to move here too. And our dogs? Have been no less than spoiled rotten. Lucky got a belly rub everyday, which is his very favorite thing, and she played endless games of fetch with Pepper. They are going to be so lonely while we’re at work now.

We took her fishing, boating, to lots of barbeques, to the bar, and on walks. She caught her first Shee-fish, which was the largest fish she’s ever caught. She says her health was the best it’s been in months. She was basically med-free while here.

It seems that everyone who comes to visit us falls in love with this enchanting little village, and its people. And this enchanting little village seems to love everyone right back.

Mama Jean will spend her day in Anchorage. We stuffed wads of cash in her purse so she can catch a cab from the airport and do whatever she wants until her flight leaves at 9:45pm tonight. We miss her so much already. And can’t wait until she comes back.

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