Jun 5

I said goodbye to Bria this morning before she boarded her plane and we promised to keep in touch and visit with each other more in the future. It was a great weekend.

Friday, right after her arrival and getting her settled in here at the house, I drove the two of us to the Espresso Bar inside the Bed and Breakfast.

This was all foreign to her. In the bush at least.

Her village doesn’t have one hotel or B&B. Just a gym floor and a mattress for 75 bucks a night if you’re so inclined. And then there was the Espresso Bar. A full service Espresso Bar with a Bona Fide Barrista. In her village, you can go to the store and get one of those powdered mixes that hawk the French Vanilla Cappucino even though it’s just souped up hot cocoa. She just didn’t know what else to do but order that Grande Mocha Latte. I went with a Blended Ice Heath Mocha. With whipped cream. Christ in heaven, it was orgasmically good. Note to self: Stay away from Blended Ice Heath Mocha.

We took her site seeing. She was equally as pleased as we were upon our arrival here that there were trees. I confided that I’m still getting used to it. Living for almost three years with ocean and willow bushes and just plain, stark, barren tundra sure makes one appreciative. We were no exception.

We treated her to lunch and steak night at the cafe. We had a few beers at the bar. We slept in and drank pots of coffee with Hazelnut creamer. We had a barbeque and she fell in love with our friends, and they were just downright smitten with her. I warned her she might just fall in love with this place. And she did.

Last night, Dusty and Brian took us out on the boat up to Brian’s property where we built a campfire, roasted hotdogs, grilled hamburgers, drank a few beers and enjoyed each others company. We didn’t get back until after midnight last night. We were tired but joyful.

We didn’t want to get up out of bed this morning. I’m exhausted today. Howard went to bed an hour ago and Bria’s plane is just touching down in Billings, Montana, where she will spend her summer before heading back to her village. I’m sad that she’s gone. I’m glad that she visited. I can’t wait to see her again. The exhaustion, the lack of sleep was all worth it.

Jun 2

I just put Bria to bed after a few drinks at the watering hole and the best steak this side of the Kuskokwim. This is going to be such a fun weekend, I can already tell.

I did want to jump on here and tell you all about the dream I had last night.

It was about my father.

And most of you know how I feel about him. Not the dead father. The man who calls himself my father. The man, for all intents and purposes took on the responsibility of raising me, who was in the delivery room with my mother when I was born and who put his name on my birth certificate and gave me his last name. Then promptly walked out of my life and traveled Europe, and skiied in the Swiss Alps while his daughters and ex-wife were struggling to survive. Yeah. That father.

It was a pretty volatile dream. I got pretty violent. He cried a lot and just kept telling me was sorry and that he loved me. But I kept verbally and physically attacking him.

You want to know the weird part? He put on a chicken suit to try to make me laugh. But I resisted his charms. I also felt very VERY guilty in my dream. I woke up feeling like the worst daughter in the world. Even though I know I’m not.

But it’s had me in knots all day. I hope he doesn’t show up on my doorstep one day. Especially with a chicken suit on.

Jun 1

Oh my dog. ya’ll.

It’s been nuts this week. Month end. Mid year inventory. Pepper has had severe Diarrhea for two days now.

Yeah I mean that when I said “Oh my dog.”

Last night we had company over for dinner and had like two seconds to walk in the house, find poop splattered, literally splattered all over the carpet, and clean it. How we managed to get the Resolve and clean it all up before our friends arrived? No clue. This morning we discovered that some time during the night, he’d splattered all over our brand new couch. Thank GOD for Scotch Gard.

Pepper is housebroken but I guess he couldn’t hold it those two times. Unfortunately, we had to crate him today which breaks his little heart, but Bria is coming tomorrow and I’d like my carpet and furniture to stay splatter free. I came home for lunch long enough to walk him and jump on here and book some airline tickets for a trip later this year, before the damn prices went up again. So far, he seems to be doing okay. I think he’s been ripping up one too many newspapers.

By the way, in case you missed that, Bria is coming tomorrow! WOO HOO!!! I cannot wait to see her. We haven’t seen her since we left the village we shared. The weather is beautiful and I hope it holds because we have boat rides and barbeques planned all weekend.

So that’s where I’ve been and now I must get back to work. Thank GOD the inventory is done, now I just hope my dog gets better. Poor little guy.

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