I’d have to say the date has pretty much lived up to it’s reputation today. At least for me.

I have a lot of things I want to write right now but a lot of it just wouldn’t make sense to anyone except me. (and let’s face it, sometimes my writing doesn’t even make sense to myself)

So, I’m throwing some meme at you taken from Robyn. You’ll see a pattern, trust me. Thanks Robyn!

I AM: On edge today.

I SAID: “I am so ready to quit my job.”

I WANT: A job I really love.

I WISH: I could find a job I love and still live exactly where I am.

I HATE: The heat and (my job!)

I MISS: Wilson’s Creek in North Carolina

I FEAR: Not living my life to its full potential.

I HEAR: Pepper’s dog collar jingling.

I WONDER: What I’ll be doing ten years from now.

I REGRET: Not finishing college when mom and dad paid for it!

I AM NOT: having a good week.

I DANCE: Pretty well actually. Wish I did it more often.

I SING: Marginally well. I’m more in the league of church choir, maybe duet at the occasional wedding, but certainly not well enough to be professional.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: this insane. (wait, yes hell I am.)

I MADE: an A in my class!

I WRITE: way too much about trivial things.

I CONFUSE: acceptance with complacency

I NEED: to be happy already.

I SHOULD: get happy already!

I START: At 8:00am, give or take a snooze button swat.

I FINISH: whenever the work is done, and I can get around my insomnia.

I BELIEVE: one day I will eventually want to settle in one place.

I KNOW: that I probably never will.

I CAN: roll my tongue, cross my eyes, act really well.

I CAN’T: forgive that easily.

I SEE: the top of a tree over the computer desk and out the window.

I BLOG: Because I can? (or I think I can?)

I READ: Not near as much as I used to, but probably a book a week.

I AM AROUSED BY: A sense of humor, someone who’s willing to smile and gets my jokes, and loves an adventure.

IT PISSES ME OFF: When someone judges another person on their lifestyle because they think their way of life is the only way to live.

I FIND: hair in my sink every morning. My own hair from my head. I shed way too much. And still have a thick head of hair. Weird.

I LIKE: My life.

I LOVE: My husband, my dogs and cat, my friends, my family.

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