No, I’m not dead. (Though some of you would be thrilled, if I were, I’m sure)

We ended up having technical difficulties with my internet service. Still don’t know what the hell happened, but my new book keeper is also a computer guru who came over, and had it fixed within 15 minutes.

Go figure.

This week has been pretty darn decent, I must say. Maybe it’s the Prozac, but I swear I’m feeling better already. I’m also not so anxious about pleasing everyone and stressing out over my job. I like that. I’m hoping it stays this way.

Last night, Dusty’s mother had us (Dusty, his roommate, Howard, myself and a few other people) over for dinner (Greek Gyros) and what was expected to be a relaxing, low-key affair, ended up being an all out party. It all started with a bottle of Riesling, then we had some Asian Pear Sake, then Dusty’s mom made me a Mai Tai, and then I mixed some fruit punch with some Malibu. Needless to say it was the wee hours of morning before we got home. But it was fun to socialize. Lately, we’ve kind of hibernated within our house, which for me, is not healthy.

All the snow is gone, and the river is all clear of ice. We’re looking for a boat, and also looking forward to the summer. My friend Bria is visiting the weekend after Memorial Day and then Howard’s mom is coming in the next weekend and staying until July. I’m very lucky to have a mother in law that I get along with so much. We always have a blast when she visits.

Things are oddly serene around my house lately, including my psychy. Could Jo Dee Messina be right when she sings “My Give-A-Damn’s busted?” Cause if she is? I think I like it. Sometimes I just get sick of trying to please everyone. I like being able to say “This is who I am. Love me or hate me, I won’t lose any sleep either way.” And frankly, that’s how I’ve been over the past few days. It’s not say I’m not making an effort at all, but I’m learning to say “no”, a little more often, I’m being more ‘myself’ than I have in a long time.

Then again? Like I said, maybe it’s just the Prozac.

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