Perspective Arrives Yet Again

Tonight was the last night of class for me.

And in all of my college classes over the years, this was by far the most emotional of goodbyes to my fellow students.

I would guess that out of all 15 students almost all of us cried, including the professor. We have all grown incredibly close with each other. We’re not sure why the connection was so strong. The professor even came up clueless as to why. But he too admitted to feeling a strong connection with all of us.

We each reflected our impressions of the class, what we will remember about it in 20 years, and most importantly what we learned.

Of course, I barely made it through my “reflection”, without choking up. Mainly I complimented my inspirational classmates. We have two graduates this year, both natives majoring in Alaska Native Languages. Both graduates have over 5 children each. Both live in remote villages and have had to overcome incredible challenges. But both of them managed to finish school and with degrees which will contribute to the preservation of their rapidly disappearing culture. Wow. And here I was whining about one little class. I was/am humbled.

I will miss each and every person. But I am grateful for having been touched by each classmate and by such a wonderful professor.

Education is priceless but the relationships you form through getting that education is out of this world.

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