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We’re back!

Got back this morning after circling McGrath at least 50 times due to being shrouded in fog. We were in the Metroliner that doesn’t have a bathroom and ya’ll? I had to go. I was seriously coming up with a game plan to possibly pee in my empty soda cup.

But finally the pilot found a hole and we landed. THANK GOD.

The week was okay. I learned a lot. Mainly that WOW. I really DO hate my job.

They stuffed us like pigs foodwise though, which I enjoyed but the button on my jeans did not.

I am also VERY VERY disappointed because I didn’t get to see Tess at ALL. They kept all of us store managers away from the actual office this time, which made me sad because I was so looking forward to sneaking kitty litter into certain people’s coffee cups. But mainly because I didn’t get to see my favorite people. Mainly miss Tess.

The rest of the week involved a lethal amount of retail therapy. I don’t even want to sit down and balance my check book right now. However, I should own stock in Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and Nordstrom’s.

We took Pepper with us because he need a check up and a good grooming and Lucky and Katie just needed a break from his hyper little ass.

He was such a good boy though. And everyone fell in love with him. He’s healthy and now looks like a miniature Schnauzer. He’s fucking adorable!

We came home this morning and Lucky was lying on the loveseat, still and quiet and appeared to not be breathing. I froze. My heart jumped up into my throat. I called for Howard to check him. Howard gingerly walked over and checked. Lucky woke up suddenly and then leaped off the couch and over to my waiting arms. Scared the living hell out of me. I guess it’s a sign that he’s getting older. Or perhaps he was blissfully enjoying his time not being nipped and barked at by his new little brother.

Oddly enough though, both of them are very mellow now. Pepper’s leaving Lucky alone and they seem to be getting along much better. Not sure what it is, but we’re all happy right now.

We did get to see Ben and Kristen and it was fabulous. It was as if we’d never been apart. Howard and Ben especially.

Mentally wise, I’m torn up in knots again. I’m just one big fucking mess. I feel like I need to either lock myself in the bathroom and cry for an hour or I need to have a good psychotic episode. Perhaps both.

But hey, did ya’ll love Roxy’s posts? Is she not the cutest Beagle on the earth? Seriously. Thank you Roxy. I owe you an ear scratch and big chew toy.

More later. Pictures are coming! I promise!

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