I am Roxy…you will obey my commands…

Hello people!!! Chris is away…and Roxy has come out to play. Let me introduce myself to you who are not familiar with me. My name is Roxy Carmichael Quicksilver and I am an almost-four-year-old beagle. This is what I look like:

I know…I am gorgeous. Can you stand how gorgeous I am??? Anyhoo…your usual hostess is away in Anchorage going to meetings and such and I thought I would keep you company, since I am now a beagle with a webpresence. That is right. I have my own myspace page and account. If you have myspace feel free to stop by and ask me to be your friend…unless you are a squirrel or cat or opossum. You can find me here on myspace: Roxy’s Myspace Page

But worry not- I will be back…tomorrow for some thing a little more substantial.

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