Headed back to the Real World

Ya’ll won’t see much of me for the next week because I’ll be in Anchorage for our annual management conference.

Guest posting is always open to Tess and Amy but I know Tess will be busy because she’ll have all of us store managers monopolizing most of her time. And Amy? Well she’s a working girl too, so you may or may not see updates but anyway: be excited for me because I get to drive in traffic! shop at Old Navy! Wal-Mart! Nordstroms! Go to movies!

But please cry for me because I also have to attend meetings all day. Boring BORING meetings.

So be good and I’ll be back soon.

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  1. ETS Says:

    Tess also has Grand Jury Duty this week and is seriously considering abandoning her own blog until May turns the corner! :)

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