The little bastard. (hey I’m one too, so I can say that)

Here’s some better photos of Pepper. He’s discovered shoes. I thought we might just slip past the old shoe chewing stage but no.

And trust me, he has plenty of rawhides and other various chew toys. Also in the picture with the shoes? A sandal that I haven’t worn since we lived in St. Mike. Don’t even know where he pulled it from. Also an appearance of my trusty Columbia Bugabootoo boot. Also? Do you see the ugly bookshelf circa 1978? Notice how he’s decided to chew on that too. I swear we left a clean house when we went to work this morning. This? Is usually the mess we come home too. Toys, shoes, Pepper’s purple sweater. Shut up. His previous owner bought it for him. Obviously Pepper thinks it’s just something else to play with.

(Disclaimer: We live in a furnished house provided by the company we work for, therefore I did not pick out the hideously worn couch, the ugly blue worn out carpet, or the bookshelf circa 1978. Though I did manage to talk my boss into allowing me to order a new sofa and loveseat, so yay me!)

I just love the picture of Lucky and Pepper: Lucky’s all “Fucking bastard dog, chewing up my mommy’s shoes and stealing all the love” Pepper’s all “Did you say shoe? Where’s a shoe? I’d like to sink my teeth into a shoe about now.”

Anyway, enjoy the pics.

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  1. krystle Says:

    I don’t know u, and don’t think i’m strange or n e thing, but (i have no idea y i ended up here reading ur blog…i typed in “A Bad Goodbye song lyrics by Clint Black and Wynnona Judd” in my browser and somehow ended up here and out of sheer curiosity, since I was here n e wayz, I read some of ur blogs and u r fucking hilarious!!! U remind me a lot of myself…and omg, u talk abt insomnia (i’m cursed with it 2…in fact, it’s now 4:30am and i haven’t been asleep). and a funny thing, my name is crystal, but a lot of ppl call me Chris and my sister’s name is Kim (well, she died last year :>( ) and my mom raised us pretty much single-handedly. n e wayz i just wanted 2 let ya know reading ur blog made me laugh and that’s something i don’t do that often these days, so it’s a welcome relief. if ud like 2 chat my email is….thnx 4 the funny blogs. :>)

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