Just to prove my love to Tess

Pictures of my Schnoodle. Lord ya’ll. This little guy is amazing. He’s completely housebroken but wired for sound. He’s always “ON!” or he’s sleeping. There is not happy medium. Also? You know how they make squeaky toys for dogs but the dog really doesn’t use them? Well Pepper does. When he wants to get your attention, he’ll get his squeaky toy and make it squeak over and over again until you give him your full attention. You can ask him “Do you need to pee pee?” and he’ll immediately know what you’re talking about. Dude. The damn dog is a genius.

But. Those of you who are wondering about my other babies? Lucky is and will always be my most “special boy”. He’s my little soulmate. And I’ve gone out of my way to make sure he knows it.

But boy does Pepper love him. He always wants to be where Lucky is. If he’s lying on the floor, Pepper wants to lie with him. Lucky doesn’t like to show it but you can tell he kind of likes it.

And Katie. He’ll play with Katie until she gets tired of it and then she kicks his ass into submission. Pretty damn cool considering she’s declawed. She’s one tough little kitty cat, don’t fuck with her.

Anyway…today we tried to get a good picture of the little guy but he wouldn’t sit still long enough to get a really good one. We managed to get one of him running down the trail in our yard and the other one is me actually holding him in the air because it was the only way to get a close up shot of his curly haired little face. Still doesn’t do him justice. Did I mention he loves the snow? He LOVES to just run in it, and dig and kick it around. He’s really fucking adorable. Anyway. Tess said if I really loved her, I’d post pictures of him so here they are. Enjoy!

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  1. Amy Says:

    That schnoodley-poo is adorable…

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