Example number 8983402983144934839 of how I continue to make an ass out of myself.

As I’m on my teleconference class with the speaker button on, so I can be up and about, while listening to the lecture, stump my toe and reflexively yell “Oh FUCK!” and immediately want the world to swallow me up.

Then hear the professor stutter, before breaking out into a giggle and then ask “Whoever that was, is everything okay?”

Then, though I can stay silent and deny it because he can’t see me. Admit to it. Then apologize. Hear professor and classmates giggle a little more. Then join the classmates in the giggling before everyone falls into an awkward silence.

I hate those awkward *crickets* *crickets* moments.

I cleared my throat and we went on with the class.

Telling myself: You go girl. You’re moving right along, aren’t you?

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  1. Amy Says:

    This is soo funny! It reminds me when BFM and I were in polisci in jr college. I was brattish and poked her in an evil bruise and she picked screeched out Sonofabitch and tried to stand up…in those all in one deskchair things. During lecture. The teacher (who we were his first class ever) came up to her after class and said “political science can be a very charged topic- please feel free to discuss your opinions on lecture…just raise your hand” Ohhh how I had to stifle the laugh until we got outside. It still makes me chuckle.

  2. Chris Says:

    We all have to stick together. Asses unite! (Don’t you hate teachers like that?)

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