It’s only Tuesday

Yesterday, I decided to “walk” home from work, because it was a gorgeous day and I’ll use any excuse to have alone time with the ipod (Gwen).

The “walk” turned into a jog, mainly because the tempo of the music, and because my body just felt compelled to “speed the fuck up already!”

Might I say, that yesterday? It almost felt as good as sex. ALMOST. My Endorphines needed that little rush.

I also, re-arranged my desk yesterday and threw away files that were over 10 years old! I had a wild look in my eye, my hair was all over the place. Howard started to walk into my office and instead, stopped, and backed away slowly.

And today? I got an amazingly positive email from my boss. Which makes me feel tons better and makes me almost like my job. ALMOST.

The cynic in me wants to sit on my shoulder and shout: “GUURL, you know something bad is BOUND to happen.”

P.S. Running to Boys II Men dueting with LL Cool J. on “Hey Lover”, kind of makes you want to stop running and strut. ALMOST.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I can’t walk with ipod (blackBetty) on for I tend to want to screech along with the music. And dance.

    And I dance worse than taylor hicks.

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