Catching Up (otherwise known as Random Rambles)

Work, school, work, school, with some occasional sleep and socialization thrown in between.

It was Native Traditions Week at the school and all the other schools from the district flew in to take classes, and learn about their culture that is rapidly dying.

I have to hand it to Noel, the chairperson, because she puts her heart and soul in to this week. She comes in all frazzled, and crazy-eyed, yet she perseveres. She is proud of her native heritage which says a lot.

I won’t elaborate on the subject right now. Honestly? It would take all the bandwidth in the world. Suffice it to say that unless you’ve lived amongst the Alaska Natives (which we have in a four different regions), you don’t know what you think you do. History textbooks? Not a clue.

However, Noel rises above it all, and encourages the preservation of her culture and believes in education. The girl truly practices what she preaches.

Anyway, we’ve had a really fun week, meeting the kids from the other villages. Surprisingly for teenagers? They’ve been the sweetest bunch of kids! They’re all polite and sweet with their big smiles, and shy giggles. It’s been a real joy for me and Howard to interact with them. Everyone is saying the same thing. I’d say this week was a big success.

My class is going well, we’re in the homestretch and I’m giving my final presentation the first week of April. I met the Dean of Rural Education from UAF (she is native and was here for the NTW)and she gave me some really good contacts that could enable me to complete my degree a lot faster than I thought!

My ipod arrived and I’ve been busy importing all my cds. She is soooooo pretty. I’ve decided to call her Gwen. She’s all dressed up in her purple sleeve today, and I’m just in awe of her. The portable cd player sits in silence. I kind of want to give it a burial or something.

Did I tell you that Howard and I took a 40 mile snowmachine ride up the river last week? We went to see some friends who have a homestead there. We took a lot of pictures. Like my vacation photos and the ever-awaiting vacation re-cap that I’m way overdue for, they’ll make it here eventually, I promise. The ride really did us good though. Really lifted our spirits and put us both in much better moods. Especially me.

Could this be the most boring post ever? Yes, I think so. But you’ll get over it. Now go play outside while Gwen rocks my world.

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