Kimberly Diane!


(got it in a full hour and a half shy of midnight)

Even though you’re overbearing and bossy at times. And ALWAYS think that YOU know what’s best for everyone including me.

Thanks for being you. Thanks for always being in my corner.

Thanks for reminding me all the time, that no one will ever love me more than you do.

Because we’ve both been there.

-Your little sister

2 Responses

  1. Ben Says:

    Hey you you fugger…I’m drunk…no not really I just wanted to come by and say hey to “ya’ll” Is your birthday girl sister hot? If she is, tell her I said ‘hey what’s goin’ on? I’ve got a present for her” Me and Kristen luv you guys!!

    “Damn it Sissy, McDonalds again?”

    P.S. Is Heather hot? She left a message on mine. These people need to start providing pics. See my page for my sexy picture. And tell Tess (Is her last name tickle?) to make her profile public.

    Bye Guys

    “She said we live like pigs”

    “She said that?”

  2. Chris Says:

    Of course she’s hot! She’s related to me! :-)

    We love ya’ll too!

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