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You know what else helps mental illness?


Yes. I’m one of those girls that loves to do it.

I’ve wanted an iPod for over a year now but I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy one until my portable cd player completely conked out.

Last week, I was soaking my worries in the tub with some of my favorites and my player wouldn’t move forward or backwards to another track. I thought it was the batteries, so I switched them out. It didn’t fix the problem.

Yesterday, I had a couple of hours at home to myself (I know!) and did some much needed housework and I really love to put my headphones on while doing this. But it was completely dead. I even switched out the batteries again. Still nothing.

I’ve had this player for 2 and half years. It’s done me well, considering I used to jog on the beach in St. Mike everyday and it got bounced around a lot, and really didn’t skip that much at all.

So my point is, I purchased an iPod this morning. I was even a sucker for the engraving and the five colorful sleeves, and the charging dock. Howard said “Buy it now, while we can afford it.” And I did.

After hearing about how much Amy loves hers and then Tess doing her homework and buying one, well dammit, that sold me.

And let me tell you. My mood is ten times better and it’s not even here yet!

Howard is hiding the credit cards now.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Ooooh yey!!!! Another iPod convertee…you will LOVE it…I love mine. I just downloaded a bunch more music! Whoo go iPod.

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