Almost Friday

Susie brought me a jello shooter today, safely incapsulated in a tiny little “to go” cup.

I love that woman. I’d totally make out with her. But she’s really maternal towards me so no. Just. No.

She’s going to be handing them out tomorrow night in honor of St. Patty’s day. But she gave one to me early, cause she knows I’ve had a shitty week. (And because Dusty totally tells her everything he and I talk about, the little shit, luckily Susie would take it all to her grave before telling anyone else)

I came thisclose to drinking it while still at work. BUT. I did not because I am a good fucking employee and I just hope everyone in the head office knows what I’m going through over this damn job. (except for my Tess of course, cause she rocks the house) (Ben? I’m with you brother)

The appt? Tomorrow. Followed by steak and beer. Lots of beer. And jello shooters. I mean, can a Friday get any better?

I didn’t think so.

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