Benny Bigballs

Heh. I’m still laughing over that.

So Ben has a blog! You remember our friend Ben, don’t you? The guy that did this. He’s betrothed to the lovely Kristen and they kept us relatively sane while living in the shithole of the Earth. Also? He’s waaaay too much into Wonderland and Boogie Nights.

Okay, so we are too, but we’re not talking about us are we? No.

Anywho. Go on over and check him out.

Also? Guess who had to re-schedule her appt today because Mr. Ironic decided he was pissed off about something and needed to go home?

Yeah. But you know? I found that anger really takes your mind off of everything else.

Wow, now I know how evil is bred.

Just kidding. I think. Hee!

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