Feb 5

SO! (had to throw that in) We made it back to McGrath this morning. We apparantly missed a two week cold snap that got to -51! We arrived to a balmy 16 above this morning but not without lingering problems from the cold snap which meant a frozen sewer line, in turn means, we basically can’t flush the toilet or do laundry until we get the city out to fix the problem. We are exhausted after three layovers yesterday and 129 dollars on a hotel room we spent less than 6 hours sleeping in last night.

Flying, for me, is usually no biggie. I mean, really, if you’re going to live in the bush, a fear of flying is something you really just can’t have. But this time? Every time the friggin’ plane took off, we hit rough air, and even while landing, this feeling of terror washed over me. Not sure what’s going on there…but I had it going to NC, to Rome and back, and then yesterday.

This vacation was wonderful, but for some reason, I was stressed out most of the time…and yesterday? My memaw burst into tears when we left. Now usually she’s pretty stoic but she didn’t hold anything back this time. Which in turn, made me want to cry, but I sucked it up for her. This morning, when we arrived at Pen Air for our last flight to McGrath, I saw my friend Mary Ellen in the waiting area and ran to hug her, because I missed seeing her, and SHE burst into tears because she was coming back from her niece’s husband’s funeral. She couldn’t even talk about it, but I hugged her nonetheless until she was able to regain her composure. Then we were talking to a few other people who were returning to McGrath with us, Mary Ellen called my name and said “Chris, you are so beautiful, inside and out.” I didn’t know what to say in reply to something so randome albeit sweet, but I swallowed a lump in MY throat, and thanked her warmly. Which in turn, eased all my fears and made me even happier to be going home.

Vacations are good but you all know how the saying goes…

I promise to post a full vacation recap as soon as the sewer problem is fixed and I’ve spent ample time snuggling the dog and cat.

Feb 3

Today is Roxy Picture friday. I call this one…The Evil Eye.

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