Oh. My. Dog. Someone stop me.

I know I’ve been promising a really good vacation recap but I just can’t get into one right now.

I mean, I have LOTS of good memories, just sitting there in my head, and I’d love to just bore the shit out of you with the details but FUCK, I just can’t right now.

It feels like I’ve been going non-stop since we got back. First of all, I started a class at University of Alaska (Fairbanks). It’s a teleconference class, and the class is fucking hard. The professor readily admits that. And he’s wonderful too. But my GOD, does he love to give homework.

What’s odd is, I’ve worked full time before and taken two or three classes at the same time and NEVER felt this overwhelmed.

Howard’s theory seems to be the fact that our jobs, aren’t just “jobs”, they are a way of life. Living in an isolated village with only 300 people, kind of puts you right there in the fish bowl. Being we run the only store in town, we see everyone, everyday. They see you, they associate you with your job. We live in company housing, we drive a company truck. We are constantly “on”, when we’re out in public. Which here in McGrath, that’s not hard to do. I don’t mind being “on” for people who can appreciate it. And most everyone here does. Also, if you even hope to be successful, you’d damn well better be involved in your community. Which means, potucks, school functions, fundraising, donating for funerals, attending funerals, attending baby showers, bazaars, basically any community event. We enjoy it when we do go but stepping outside the box and looking in really makes us realize that we honestly a have very little time to ourselves.

Especially when we return from vacation to discover our book keeper quit. Which leaves me working seven days a week and Howard feeling guilty because he’s hourly and we’re on a payroll budget, and overtime for him is pretty much out, lest we like our asses chewed by the boss. And I’m NOT going to allow him to work off the clock. Oh HELL no.

Thank God, the man doesn’t mind housework and cooking because otherwise, they’d have to slap a “condemned” sign on my door. Between the work and school, the passing of Richard, Iditarod starting up this week, I’ve barely been able to sit down and even write about it. Truth be told? Those times? Are usually when Howard has put his foot down and demanded I get the hell out of the office for a few hours. The man is a saint. I cannot argue.

The times I do have to relax, I’m pretty useless, I’m usually sitting slackjawed on the couch, staring off into space, shoveling a meal into my mouth, or mindlessly petting my dog or my cat. As far as Sex? Yeah. Right! I’ll lay here and type my ten thesis statements until you finish, but get one off for me okay?

Even as I type this, I’m watching the time because my class starts in about five minutes and by God, I didn’t pay 333 dollars plus the cost of books to fucking fail or not have perfect attendance. Afterwards? I’ll be feverishly pumping out another assignment that is due by midnight tonight. Hey, I do work very well under pressure. Only to have to start my midterm exam that is due next Monday. Did I mention he wants us to write our mid-term using the format provided by him? NO, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. That means he’ll be twice as critical. But at least he’ll be nice about it when I break down in tears if I get anything less than an A.

So, maybe in two weeks during our spring break, I can crank out a vacation recap. Hey, it’ll almost be like going on vacation again! And God knows, I need it right now.

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