Perspective Arrives again

The advantages of living in the bush are obvious…the closeness of the community…everyone knows everyone…you can leave your doors unlocked (at least here in McGrath anyway)…

The disadvantage? Is losing one of the people you get to know so well.

Richard Strick Jr. of McGrath, had just finished helping with Tesoro Iron Dog Race in Rohn, and was breaking trail for the upcoming Iditarod Race when an Avalanche came upon him and buried him under 30 feet of snow. An attempt was made to rescue him but the conditions became too dangerous for others, the warm weather could very well bring on another avalanche, the search will have to wait until Spring…he is assumed dead.

We last saw Richard on Friday before he and about 10 others left for Rohn. I sold him a ton of food, snowmachine oil, and some cold beer. He was asking us about our vacacation, as Howard and I both, oddly enough were in the liquor part of the store at the same time. The last thing I said to him was “Ya’ll be careful Richard and have fun!”…taking for granted that it could very well be the last time we saw him.

His girlfriend Judy came in a few minutes later buying the things he forgot…I told her the same thing. “BE SAFE JUDY! HAVE FUN!”

Life is so uncertain. So fleeting. Make it count. I know Richard did. He was whizzing through the beautiful Alaska Range, with joy in his heart and peace in his soul, and died doing what he loved.

He will be missed.

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