Yadda, Blee bloo blah

Good LAWD, what a week and it ain’t even over yet. Year End, Relief Manager didn’t do this, that, or anything else…which at least my dog and cat were fed and still alive so I should just shut the hell up now.

Paperwork. Piles of it. MOUNTAINS of it. And DAMN the Fish and Game regulations for year end….you know when you come to Alaska to hunt? When you see the frazzled red head at the customer service counter getting a look of fear and terror in her eye when you ask for a hunting license? The year end work alone is why. So now you know. So give me your 400 dollar non-resident Moose tag fee and shut the hell up. (Further more, I hate it when you just paid 8000 dollars to come on this guided hunting trip, and bitch because a 20 ounce bottle of Mt. Dew costs 2.19 cents Airline fuel is expensive, you can afford it. Cough it up or shut the fuck up, fucker.)

A-hem. So that’s pretty much been my week. But there have been highlights:

Howard fixed our water and sewer issues Monday night because he is sooo tenacious, and because damn, who wants to use honeybuckets and haul water again? Not us. He worked and worked and flushed that fucking ice out of the line like nobody’s business. He even Cloroxed the tub and toilet afterwards. I KNEW I married him for some reason other than the big rock, and dimples.

Dusty barged into my office and yelled “CHRISSY!”, scaring me so bad, I nearly pissed myself, barely allowing me to even stand upright before wrapping me in his arms. God, I missed the hell out of him! I’ve gotten lots of hugs like that this week. They will NEVER get old.

And the best? Reading Tess’s W-2 post. I missed the hell out her too! It’s good to be back with my snark buddy. Minus all the assholes, it’s damn good to be home.

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