Just checking in….again…

We are FINALLY back from Rome and we miss it. But Italia Airlines? YOU SUCK!

And I hate to admit it? But the first thing we ate when we were back in the US at the JFK airport? BURGER KING! Christ, it was good.

I can’t go in to details right now because geez, I’m on vacation, get off the computer already, but our trip back was a major cluster fuck. Think, missing a flight, getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, albeit beautiful roman countryside, getting totally screwed out of 100 Euro and 23 hours of no sleep. Yeah. That was us on Saturday and Sunday. However, we made some amazing friends. yes, FRIENDS. We bonded through the chaos and will probably be going to Australia next year.

But we’re back in NC, I’ve gained five pounds eating too much pasta, too much cheese and Prischutto, and of course drinking too much wine, and the vacation is winding down.

But I’m much less stressed out and oddly enough so is my family. I did, however, wake up with a migraine this morning but between memaw and Howard, I was petted and coddled within an inch of my life. There is nothing like hugs from memaw. She and I had a nice long conversation over breakfast this morning and I realize that it gets harder and harder to leave her every year, but she assured me that if pawpaw were alive, he’d be so proud of me. “You are seeing the world, living in an amazing place, doing a lot of things that other people just don’t have the nerve to do…don’t you ever feel bad about it.”

Then she wonders why it gets harder to leave her. With a memaw like that, wouldn’t anyone feel the same way?

Anywho, GOD the lack of sleep really gets me on a corny tangient, does it not? Well, I figure the last year has seen me bitching and moaning a lot here, so I owe everyone a good, disgustingly whimsical post.

Also? Anyone who can guestpost during a stomach virus? Deserves another week off! Thank you Amy! Feel better!

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  1. Lil Jen Says:

    Welcome back to the good old USA. Say hello to the family for me. Smooches,

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