THE EVIL EYE (complete with picture)

Amy of Badgroove here again…keeping Insane Ramblings warm whilst your usual hostess is roaming around Europe in a dress singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music” or maybe just exploring Italy…you can never be too sure.

Anyway…I returned to work this week after having a week off with a nasty stomach virus. I returned to work with one major difference. I am now wearing my spectacles (glasses). I don’t usually wear them- I am a contact lense wearer usually…but having spent too much time over the previous week praying to the porcelin god…I broke a vessel or two in my eye..and was told to go sans contacts until it is cleared up. All fine and dandy except because I never wear my glasses to work- it draws attention to me. So that now my boss dubbed it the EVIL EYE and drags anyone within proximity to my desk commanding me to GIVE THE EVIL EYE.

So…Rambling Readers…I give thee the Evil Eye…

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