Yearning…for the concierge

This is AMY from BADGROOVE here …throwing upposting a guestpost…while your usual INSANE RAMBLINGS host is frolicking around on a lovely and much needed vacation.

Basically reading her update on the fun and hijinks she is having has me wanting to go on a vacay…but I dream of going in style!!! I want to go to Disneyland (yes I am 30something and still LOVE disneyland). Only I want to go to DL in style. The last time I went I splurged and went in style staying at one of the park hotels and living large on what is called “concierge level”…the VIP Level. It is much more expensive…and basically they can make dinner resos for you and they can give you special seating for aladdin and your room gets done twice a day and you get turn down service and they leave little chocolates on your pillow….you have access to a special lounge where free food and drinks are available. Basically they spoil you rotten and treat you like a star….my friend and I splurged for it last year…in honor of the 50th anniversary and all…and…I WANT THAT…again. But it is terribly expensive and extravagant. But I long for it. I can’t imagine every going to DL again without staying at the park and being fawned over by the concierge. Damn it.

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