Just Checking In

Hello my lovelies! Your Chris here. Boy, have I been taking a hiatus or what?? Well I made a vow to NOT THINK ABOUT WORK OR ANYTHING ELSE except for vacation on this here…vacation. Well nothing has worked but I’ve managed to stay away from the computer until Howard and I discovered we told his brother the completely wrong time to pick us up at the airport on our flight back from Rome. The hotel had a business center and here I am.

I don’t want to go in to details but I’ve drunk gallons of wine. Stressed out over my family WAY too much already and well, I hate to admit it, but I’ve been pretty wound up since it began.

I blame it on being traumatized from last year’s return from the best vacation ever.

This vacation almost feels like a chore. Yes I will rue the day I admitted that, I realize.

Rome, however, is wonderful. Almost exactly like I expected it and the exceptions are all good. Like thinking that things would be horribly expensive, especially with the current Dollar to Euro exhange rate which is .83 cents to every 1.00. But I just finished a fabulous meal of….and I’m not kidding when I type this:

smoked salmon and shrimp and spinach salad

garbanzo beans with mixed mussels

marinated vegetables

mozzarella balls and ricotta cheese

fried sardines

mixed green salad

escalloped veal

one big honking bottle of wine

and a lemon liquer chaser.

and all of that? was only 51 Euro. FIFTY ONE EURO PEOPLE!

Today we saw the colloseum and tomorrow we will go to the Wednesday Papal service at the Vatican and check out the rest of that amazing city.

This part of the vacation has been fabulous.

I need to go as I have a fresh gelato and croissant waiting for me in the room.

I miss you all!


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