Vacation. She is here.

This will probably be my last post before we leave on vacation. That’s right. VAY-CAY-SHUN!

We’ll be leaving this place for three weeks. I’m terribly excited. But I do have to say….I’ll miss it.

Last night at the bar, after we’d demolished our steaks, we gave in to temptation and actually stayed a while to drink and socialize. Our friends gathered around the table and the conversation flowed. Dusty and I having our usual bout of chatter. Camille and I were swapping stories of our time on the slope. (she worked on an oil rig for three years) Joel and I were talking about good cigars. Howard and Brian were talking about EVERYTHING, like usual. Todd talked to everyone about how he misses Susan (she’s in Oregon right now, and MAN do we miss her too). We all took turns buying rounds for our little circle, all the while, Brian, Camille, and myself kept promising THIS beer will be our last because Brian is a pilot and had 9am flight on Saturday morning (this morning). Camille runs the gas station, and she had to be up at 7:30am and I had to be up at 8:00 to do the books and prepare for the arrival of our relief manager. Yes, we talked about it, but none of that happened. A few more beers later, the cash ran out, THEN AND ONLY THEN did we decide to quit. On our way out, we hugged everyone else that we didn’t get a chance to chat with and Howard and I realized that we really WILL miss this place! What are we going to do without our steak and beer for the next three Fridays? I dare say my heart is heavy. Everyone told us to “hurry back” but “have a great time!”

I confided in Dusty that if we come back off this vacation and are forced to move again? I will choose the option of quitting. I will not be backed against a wall AGAIN. He then asked if we’d stay here in McGrath anyway and I told him we probably would. Just because we love the place. He promised petitioned letters to my boss if it came to that, and if we had to quit, he could find well paying jobs for us easily. Mainly, he was just begging us not to leave. Dusty has become a soulmate. Last night, we were nearly in tears because we don’t know what we’re going to do without each other for three weeks. I promised the occasional phone call, and emails when I can get to a computer. “I LOVE YOU GUYS!” he said as he hugged us both last night.
You gotta love that mayor.

So that’s it for a while folks. I’m certain that my friends, Amy and Tess, will guest post and keep you entertained while I’m away but girlfriends are busy this time of year, so be patient! You guys be good and I’ll see you on the flip side!

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