I Survived

Albeit lots of fruity, frothy, warm, cold, alcoholic drinks that lasted the entire weekend. I was a perpetual drunk.

We had people over on Christmas Eve. My dip was eaten. Tequila shots were taken. The mayor spilled more secrets.

Christmas Day, the mayor’s aunt and uncle made prime rib. Our plates were cleaned, my coconut cake was eaten (and orgasmically raved), the mayor tempted me with more wine, followed by “Peppermint Patties” aka Hot chocolate laced with Peppermint schnappes.

The hangover is just now wearing off.

And I have inventory in less than a week. I, of course, am a little ball of stress. An absolute dream to be around.

But in one month, I will be walking the streets of Rome. And that? is the best Christmas present ever.

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