Okay dammit, I did it.

I read my Christmas stories tonight. I was nervous at first but once I started reading, I relaxed and just went with it. I only made a couple of mistakes but Tim will edit those out. When we did the playback, MY GOD, the southern accent. But Tim loved it and said I sounded “perfect”.

Perfect? Meh. But I could use the flattery right now, so I thanked him politely like a good southern woman.

Also, Dusty really thinks we should do a show together. We have a good rapport, an endless stream of conversation, but it’s usually dark sided dysfunctional stuff. In fact, we both thought it would be hilarious to call the show “Chris and Dusty’s Dysfunction Junction”. But this is a small town and all of his family lives here. And he is the mayor. Not to mention, I run the only store within 200 miles. Oh the havoc we could wreak.

On a completely different subject, we are dog-sitting Pepper once again. My God, but is he cute. He is also completely annoying the dog and cat. Lucky is 13. He wants to lay around and be snuggled by his parents. Katie feels the same way. Pepper? Wants to PLAY! He gets EXCITED! ABOUT! EVERYTHING! Carpet lint? YAAAY! Chris rolled over in her sleep? PARTY TIME! Howard sneezes? WILL DIE OF SHEER EUPHORIA!

What little Pepper doesn’t know is, his dad gave us permission to get him neutered while the vet is in town. Not only will he lose his manhood, but he will be doing it publicly. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We have sold out this little dog in the name of money and fame. The vet offered to neuter him for free if we allowed him to do it for a two day class he is teaching at the satellite campus here. Of course I jumped on that shit. Seeing a dog neutered for free? Who wouldn’t want that?

7:00pm tonight sharp. I’ll be sure and take some pictures.

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