Year End Accounting Work.
Upcoming Inventory.
Holiday event planning.
Mailing Christmas Gifts.

You know? I love Alaska. I really do. I’m so amazingly grateful for the experiences of the past three years (even the “Hell or somewhere similar” experience).

However. If I’d just finished college the first time, I could be sitting in a quiet office, editing books, or working in a library.

If I could just get through college NOW, I’d be taking care of patients, making a big difference in the world.

And I could probably be doing it all living right here in Alaska. I think we would have gotten here one way or another.

But then again, I probably wouldn’t have met Tess or Amy, and definitely Kristen and Ben, or all my other Alaskan friends for that matter.

However, it doesn’t make me like my job any more.

Lesson Learned. Children. Listen up. When mom and dad offer to pay for college? Do them and yourself a favor and FINISH while it’s still a free ride!

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