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I’ve been dodging Mel and Tim all week because I’ve just been really nervous about this whole radio notion, and I’m completely convinced they will hear my voice-over on the radio, call me later and say “um hi yeah we were VERY sadly mistaken…but here’s a free t-shirt” and right now, I just can’t handle the rejection, but last night, we went to our friend Nick’s house for a little housewarming party.

The little party turned out to be bonfire in his front yard, including half the village, there was this stuff called “jungle juice”, I caught a buzz, and then Mel cornered me.

“Chris, did you get your Appalachian Christmas stories yet?”

“Yes, yes I did”

“We REALLY need to get you in the studio this weekend”

(We have decided my test will be reading of Christmas stories which will air all day on Christmas Day)

“Sure thing, more jungle juice?”

Then the rest of the night was a blur, except for a couple of dufuses who were completely convinced they could ride their snowmachine THROUGH a snowdrift.

And Nick made a drunken speech about everyone turning out for his “little housewarming party”.

And then Howard and I made a grand exit on the snowmachine.

Also, I talked to my friend Pam yesterday. I haven’t spoken with her in nearly a year. I was at work (she called me), we were completely slammed with customers but I managed to mentioned that her habit of beginning sentences with the word “So”, is STILL something I do. She was pleased. I didn’t tell her I am making a concerted effort to quit.

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