40 Year Old Virgin

Okay. I know that I say a lot of movies are funny. But seriously. This movie is fucking hilarious. (And I’m sorry mom but that word was needed here, it was just that funny!)

Steve Carell is a comical genius. He is completely convincing. You know those moments when you laugh so hard you can’t catch your breath? And when you’re laughing so hard you’re not making a sound but your mouth is open and your body is shaking like you’re sitting on the spin cycle of the washing machine?

It’s that funny.

There were parts in Sideways that made me laugh that hard but last night was a first in many years. Last night, we were lying in bed, and Howard said my eyes looked bloodshot, like I’d been crying (he was so sure I’d been in the bathroom having another crying fit), and I told him I had been…I’d been laughing so hard, tears ran down my cheeks.


Mo Collins (from MadTV) is in one of the funniest scenes of the movie. I’m a huge fan of her as well, so it’s even better when it’s good writing and someone you really like is in the scene.

So watch it. Most of my readers are sick and twisted anyway. (Except for you mom and Tom; do not watch the movie. It WILL offend you. Except for the whole virginal part…not saying you don’t have a sense of humor because HELLO, you still manage to read this site and still love and support me, however; I can just see your jaw drop, mom, and your face turn crimson so DO NOT SAY YOU WEREN’T WARNED!)

Did I mention how funny the movie was?

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