Okay. Seriously.

So far this week…

-truck that won’t start at -40 even though you plug it in and do everything right
-then having to rent a truck from the only guy in town who completely gouges you for 150 bucks a day. (did I mention it is a used piece of shit truck?)
-the toilet backing up at work, and when the guy comes to fix it, it’s way worse than he thought, so he just completely unhooks the toilet, looks at you, and asks if you’ve ever “shit in a bucket?” completely cracking himself up, because he thinks you are some priss-pot because you actually make an attempt with your looks.
-getting the absolute joy of looking him dead in the eye with a smug look and saying “I lived without running water for four months in the dead of winter, you take a wild guess.” and seeing his expression almost literally melt away.
-actually feeling joy of reliving that experience and feeling pretty good about it because you can totally put jackasses like him right on their ass. And because hey, this prissy little bitch, is completely fucking adaptable!
-getting the 150 dollar piece of shit rental stuck in a ditch. Really fucking stuck too, ya’ll. So bad that even the dude that pulled you out said “damn lady you really did a number on that ditch”

SO that’s my week. And it’s only Wednesday. And the toilet still isn’t fixed at work. And yes, I did draw the line at using honeybuckets. I’ve had enough of those for one lifetime. Bladder problems, be damned.

Too much information? Yes. Which why I am going to stop typing and go to bed.

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