(really. Once you read this post, you won’t be able to come up with a decent title either)

Tonight, I was talking to my friend, Tim, when I made the passing comment that Tom Cruise makes my ass hurt.

Tim looked at me for a minute, blinked his eyes, and then laughed nervously. Not really knowing what the hell to say. I mean, we’d been talking about Tom Cruise and neither of us like him but I really put the poor guy on the spot.

It was one of those moments where the words come out of your mouth and you instantly regret it. You feel like you have Turret’s Syndrome, and wish that words were really tangible because I really wanted to grab them and shove them all back in my mouth.

I looked at Tim and finally said “I’m sorry, that’s just a term I’ve used for years, my friend Pam, and I just started saying it after we both watched Jennifer Love Hewitt on Party of Five for the first time.” Which is completely true.

Then he started laughing and said, that was the funniest expression he’d EVER heard. Then I started laughing and felt much better. Then he said, he always wanted a way to express how much a person can grate on his nerves and he thinks he finally found it. So we had a good laugh and I felt inspired to come home and make a list of people who make my ass hurt. This MY opinion only. It doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like the person, it’s just when I see them on tv, I cringe and for some reason when I say “He/She makes my ass hurt”,people, eventually always understand. I guess it’s akin to hearing nails on a black board. Okay. I’m shutting up already and presenting a top five. In NO particular order.

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt
2. Neve Campbell (oddly enough, in spite of these two answers, I enjoyed Party of Five immensely and enjoy Ghost Whisperer minus all my cringing of course)
3. George W. Bush (seriously people, don’t email me, this has nothing to do with politics, he just makes my ass hurt watching him speak publicly, it’s a quirk, leave it alone)
4. Tom Cruise
5. Paris Hilton

Though #4 and #5, I genuinely do dislike. Sorry Tom and Paris.

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  1. An extraordinary woman in a mediocre life Says:

    And the title i’d have chosen?.. Tom Cruise makes my ass hurt…both succinct and informative…lol

    i completely agree with numbers one and two! and yeah.. i liked party of five too…lol


  2. mr skin Says:

    I didn’t know Jennifer had her own series called Ghost Whisperer. Sounds like a cool series.

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