Thanksgiving Recap

But can I whine about my day first? This morning, it was -40. That was the REAL temperature. It wasn’t just with the wind chill. McGrath is one of the coldest places in Alaska during the winter. The north slope was warmer than we were. Anywho. So I got up early this morning and decided to go in to work to get all of my month end and week end paperwork done and then get back home, and enjoy the rest of my day off, knowing it was all done.


I went to crank up the truck and the ignition switch was nearly frozen in place. I ran back, grabbed my hairdryer, unplugged the truck, and used the extension cord for my hair dryer and warmed it up enough for it to turn. The truck, coughed and aaaaalmost turned over before it completely went dead. “No biggie”, I thought. I still had a few hours before the store opened (I wanted to do all my paperwork before we opened for business, because no matter what, if you are in the store on your day off, and you’re the manager, people automatically assume, you’re working) and I figured it might warm up a bit.

No such luck.

I tried it again and then woke up Howard. He bundled up and went outside but didn’t get anywhere either. THEN he went over to the snowmachine and tried to start it. But it was just too damn cold. The old truck and the snowmachine weren’t budging. So I had to call my friend Todd and have him drop me off at the store. By that time, my book keeper had arrived, and I had about an hour to get my stuff done before the doors opened. Long story short, I FINALLY finished almost three hours later, THEN my cashier told me, the produce cooler wasn’t coming on (something that happens anytime it gets this cold). So I had to run to the back and get it going again. THEN my other cashier was in the bathroom when the toilet overflowed. I just said “Get a mop, clean it up” after going to the sink and making sure the pipes weren’t frozen. Then Chris, my quasi-son, took me home. On his snowmachine. I? didn’t even think to wear gloves when I left the house this morning. Nor did I put on thermal underwear. So I arrived back home, to a worried husband, who thought I had frostbite. I laid down in front of the wood stove and Howard inspected my legs and fingers and though they were hurting pretty bad, no damage was done. And now I’m all toasty. But seriously. We need our new truck now. I WILL NOT walk almost 2 miles to work in these temperatures.

Other than that, my Thanksgiving holiday was fabulous. The turkey turned out to be really good. It was the very first turkey I’ve ever made (because Howard is the cook in our family but I wanted to impress this year) and both Susie and Todd said it was “awesome”. We also made a ham because Todd isn’t real big on turkey, and I made a yummy stuffing, Howard made mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn and I baked a loaf of french bread. Susie brought a pumpkin pie and we had petit fours and a pumpkin yule log I ordered from Swiss Colony.

We had Chianti, which tasted much better with meat, (when we first tried it, we just had it with cheese and hated it) and a 2003 Santa Cristina Italian Syrah. Todd isn’t into wines but he loved the Chianti and polished off the bottle. The rest of us finished off the Pinot. We were buzzing and pleasantly full when we were finished eating. I? Was very satisfied with myself and Howard.

We still made it steak night on Friday albeit way too many leftovers but this girl is NOT giving up steak night unless she is out of town!

So, all in all, a wonderful holiday. The only flaw was the absence of family and friends who couldn’t be with us.

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