I forgot to mention that Rome’s season finale? Completely impressed me. As the show totally has all season. I did weep in some parts.

Especially last week when Varenous jumped in at the last minute to defend Titus. Oh my God, the brotherly love.

And I wept when Naobi lept to her death sending Varenous into hysterics.

Ooookay and when Titus redeemed himself and Ureni acknowledged it and reached for his hand as they walked off into the sunset.

And maybe when Caesar was murdered. God, that was awful!

Not that I didn’t know any of this was going to happen but let me tell you, this show really know how to dramatize.

It did inspire me to read the rest of my National Geographic Traveler and Howard and I did a lesson in Italian last night.

Because I won’t have his Spanish to fall back on in Italy.

And of course, another show that I love is now over. Bah.

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