It snows a lot here

I know everyone said it snowed A LOT here in this village but Christ. And you know what’s funnier about the interior, western, and arctic slope of alaska? It has to warm up enough to snow, during the winter months.So I’m happy that we actually have temperatures above zero, (Yes, believe me one can actually tell a difference in -10 and 10 above when you live in it half the year) and there is no wind because it is perfect weather to hit the trail with the snowmachine.Which arrived FINALLY after being in stored in Anchorage since April (we had it shipped out of “Hell or somewhere similar” on the ice road due to dirty little punks wanting to put their grubby hands all over it) and it cranked up right away.So we’re hitting the trails today, and enjoying this massive amount of snow. Yes. Yes, I’m definitely in love with winter again. Posted by Picasa

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