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Yesterday, Howard and I had our first full day off together. Meaning that we weren’t out of town like last weekend but just “off”. Legitimately “off work” while letting our new book keeper and two other workers run the store while Howard and I attempted to relax.

Also, the teachers asked us if we could volunteer our time at the Halloween Carnival judging the kids’ costume contest, so that was another reason we took the day off.

It’s amazing the comments you get when you’re not in work mode and actually out and about town. Especially in a very small town like this.

“Wow, who’s watching the store?”

“Great to see you guys! So glad you finally took some time off!”

“We’re so flattered you left the store long enough to come out!”

and the best:

“You look totally different without your blue denim shirts (our work attire) on.”

So we judged the contest, which was VERY difficult because holy shit, the kids here have some awesome costumes at Halloween. My very favorite was in the Pre-K group; he was four years old and dressed in a miniature Elvis costume. I wanted to gobble him up right there. His mom bought the costume off ebay, from a lady who custom makes them in miniature sizes.
{Before you get mad at not seeing a picture, you must know that since we’ve found the card reader? we’ve now lost the charging cord that plugs into the camera’s battery. So, we have a beautiful, fancy camera which is completely useless right now.) We did three or four cake walks because I had my eye on one cake that was encrusted with Rice Chex and Cheerios and looked soooo damn yummy, but of course, we didn’t win. But we patronized the booths, socialized with everyone and promised that we would be at the big costume party at the bar later in the evening.

Which brings me to the next part of my story. Howard and I decided way back in September that we would dress up as Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, and bought kick ass costumes online and I also bought a black wig. Upon their arrival, I realized the wig looking NOTHING like it did online (big shocker right?), unless of course I wanted to look like Cleopatra on crack. Nevermind I’m dressing up as a slutty empress who seduced a married man AND had a child with him, then hooked up with his best friend after his demise. I mean I might have dressed as a whore but not a crack whore. I mean, I’ve got my standards, okay? Anywho.

Everyone kept telling me to just buy the black hair spray because no one would understand a Cleopatra with red hair. So I broke down and bought the black hair spray. BIG MISTAKE.
Howard sprayed my hair last night and let me just say: Those cheap bottles of colored hair spray are just basically powder in a can. Not only was my hair black, but also my hands and anything I so much as even brushed up against. When I finally put the costume on, and realized the majority of it was white? And then also realized that unless I barely moved, everything and everyone around me would be smudged with black which would not make for a good time, so at the last minute, I had Howard carefully remove my costume and I jumped into the shower and used half a bottle of shampoo to wash the shit out of my hair. Not to mention my hands, my arms, my shoulders and my back. A red headed Cleopatra would just HAVE to do.

So we dressed, I re-applied my make up, blow dried my hair and we arrived at the party at a decent hour. We were blown away by everyone’s comments. When we removed our jackets, there were actual whistles and “whoa baby!”, and “DAMN, you guys look hot!” And turns out, no one even noticed my hair. They immediately knew who we were by our costumes. And speaking of costumes, there were some awesome ones last night. Captain Underpants, Elvis, A Beer Keg, A fishing lure, a Sumo Wrestler, Al Capone. I mean, everyone said we’d be impressed by the costumes here but boy, we were beyond impressed. So, we mingled, we danced, we had a great time and everyone kept telling us how the big Halloween party is every new person’s initiation into this village. They say you’re not really a citizen of the town until you participate. So in addition to comments on our costumes, we kept getting big “welcomes” albeit three months later. We left the party in the wee hours of morning, happy that we live in this cool, laid back little village. And we also realized why the previous store manager stayed here for 12 years.

I have to admit, ever since we were so suddenly plucked out of our Bering Sea village and transferred to “Hell or somewhere similar” earlier in the year, THEN having to move to this village only 5 months later, I’ve been apprehensive to hang many pictures on the wall, to unpack boxes, to really “settle in” and make this house “our home”. But last night, after the party, and after my boss’s reassurance two weeks ago that he would leave us here for as long as we wanted and as long as we were doing well, I’m thinking I’ll unpack more boxes today, maybe hang some family photos, put some books up on the shelf. Make it “ours”. Because I’m now realizing that while we miss our Bering Sea village, perhaps fate played a big role in our last two moves. If we’d never been forced to move to “Hell or somewhere similar”, we’d have never met Kristen, Ben, Chris or Marissa. Now Ben and Kristen are running the “hell or somewhere similar” store after our tutelage and are having much success there. I have a gorgeous piece of art from Marissa, who I might never see again. Howard’s health problems may have reared their ugly head and forced us to move closer to adequate health care, but because of that, the company begged us to stay and offered to move us here because the store manager was transferring to another village. And we’re happy in here. As happy as we were in the Bering Sea village. We are proud to call this home. We feel the bad times are now behind us and we can perhaps settle in again.

It feels good to say that.

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  1. Lolcats Says:

    Halloween is coming up. Maybe break out the Elvis?

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