The View from my Judgemental High Horse

Last night, about 30 minutes before closing, a kid about 14 came in and did some shopping and then decided after making his purchase, that he wanted to rent a movie. The movies which are on the opposite wall from the checkstands

After a few minutes he picked out the movie, I rang him up for it and then he looked at me and said “where’s my other stuff?”

I looked at him and said “you didn’t have it with you?”

He looked at me like he wanted me to wiggle my nose and make it appear and then said “”

I replied that someone must have picked up his bags by accident. We all ran outside and tried to see who had just left but no one was there, and a nice lady even volunteered to walk up the street to see if she saw anyone walking with packages (remember we live in a small village, everyone walks or is at least close by). But we never found it. Then he looked at me like he didn’t know what to do, but I was thinking in my head..”No, I am NOT going to give away more freebies because he can’t keep up with his shit..” Right about that time, I noticed he’d left his dad’s debit card sitting on the counter and didn’t even realize it was there. I kindly brought it to his attention and in the nicest tone possible I said “honey, you probably should be a bit more careful with your dad’s card.”

He just stood there looking at me, wandering around with a confused look on his face, WAITING for me to fix his problem. (he’s painfully shy, I admit but GEEZ, the kid’s gotta learn to speak up for himself) Finally, I suggested he purchase the same exact items he just got so he could at least get home and maybe his dad wouldn’t be worried about him. I ALSO told him that if the person came back with the purchase, I’d hold it for him and he could pick it up the next day.

Well. Today, his father came in today all pissed off at ME for not giving them a replacement for their purchase FREE OF CHARGE. “WHEN I WORKED AT SAFEWAY…” he said. And then he said, “so I should have to pay for someone to steal my stuff?” and I looked back at him and said “you think we should?” I then reminded him that the only reason he got his debit card back was because I had to remind his son that he’d left it lying on the counter. I was a split second away from telling him that maybe he should be screaming at his poor, pitiful, dumbass son instead of yelling at me. I asked him if he thought I should be the one responsible for the person who took his son’s bag? He wasn’t sure what to say because he knew I was right. He also calmed down, and apologized for yelling. I then said it was only 14 dollars and if it upset him that much, that I’d take one for the team and refund his money. Then he began to feel really guilty and thanked me and went on with his shopping. Hopefully he got my point.

But I’m betting if I’d just given his son the free goods last night, he would have come in tonight, thanked me, then said something like “God, that kid’s gotta learn to be more responsible.”

So kids and parents? What did we learn today? Keep up with your shit. I’ll ring it up, bag it, even take it to your car. But if you just decide to leave your bags where they are and decide to take a chance and walk away from them? You’re on your own. It’ s NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP UP WITH YOUR SHIT!

It’s another if I SEE someone pick up your bag? But I WILL NOT stand guard because I have a store to run. Thank you.

Now I must go and watch Survivor on “The TV”.

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  1. Mabel Says:

    That job sounds just a wee bit stressfull. And that kid is a dumb ass.

  2. Chris Says:

    it is stressful, but the money is good and I get free housing. So I guess I should stop being a ungrateful whore, don’t you think?

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