What an Insomniac LOVES!

Not currently being in a depressed state, and while watching new 50″ LCD flat screen tv(more about that later), actually nodding off, I mean literally nodding off. Finally I gave up, looked over and Howard and announced that I was going to bed. I brushed my teeth and didn’t even feel up to washing my face (ewww). I was asleep as my head hit that pillow. Howard came in later and asked me if he could leave the lamp on so he could read, I whimpered a protest, flipped the comforter over my head and didn’t wake up until 7:30am this morning. And I felt rested and happy.

Sure it may sound like nothing to you, but to a girl who suffers from high anxiety, especially at night? In addition to being an insomniac? a girl who normally takes about two hours in bed to even begin to feel sleepy at night? that’s huge.

(By the way, please don’t email me ways to get to sleep. I’ve tried it all. Wine. Ambien. Melatonin. Warm Milk. Sex (which actually aggravates the insomnia). Meditation. Warm Bath. Soft music. You name it.)

So the occasional full night’s sleep is worth celebrating. Do a little happy dance for me please!

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  1. Mabel Says:

    Been there and done that. I haven’t gotten a good nights sleep in MONTHS. (((Hugs))) and congrats.

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