Trippin’ on the Real World

Howard convinced me that I really should just cough up the money, calm the hell down about work, and get on that plane with him bound for Anchorage for his doctor’s appt on Friday.

There were restaurants needing to be patronized, bookstores with new books waiting to bought, 5th Avenue mall had our parking place already reserved. Best Buy was all ready to buy our plane tickets! (not really, sarcasm, with which I hope all my readers understand, otherwise? Oh BOY, the things you must be thinking right now)…and credit cards just asking to be maxed.

Even my boss told me I was just stupid if I didn’t hop on that plane and get into town for a few days. Isn’t that funny? In the Real World, we say we’re going “out of town” when we leave for a trip. Here in the bush? We say we’re going “into town”.

But my new book keeper is VERY insecure about where she is as far as learning the office, and I think I make her even more nervous because I’m even more worried than she is! (which I try to hide with boosts of confidence and accolades, then go into the back and break things and cry.) (sarcasm there too…kinda) But my boss was all “she’ll sink or swim…go and HAVE FUN, that’s an order.”

Soooooooo, on Friday, I got on that plane and we spent two days spending money, seeing movies, and I only bought three items of clothing. Two new sleep shirts supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month, and a pretty new bra. I did try on several things but for some reason with which Howard and I are still trying to figure out, I was all “meh…I think I’ll wait”.

Best Buy was ready to shut down because we only bought three things. 2 DVDs and 1 CD. Which is a record for us. With every ounce of truth, I mean it when I say that when Howard and I hit Best Buy? We usually don’t come out unless we’ve spent a minimum of 300 dollars on CDs and movies. It’s all about finding something we like and throwing into the cart with a quick motion of the wrist. Keep in mind that we only go “into town” a few times a year. Stop shitting yourself, we don’t spend that on a weekly basis.

We didn’t even break the bank at Barnes and Noble, but we did spend a respectable amount, trust me. We finally decided to check out when Howard found me in the Biography section loaded down with books and I could barely see his face for the stack he was carrying of his own selections. His muffled voice behind the stack said merely “We gotta get out of here, I’ve already seen 10 other books I want…” So, we checked out and with our membership card, we eeked right under 200 dead presidents. We even hit a Wal-Mart last night and got out for about the same amount. But LORD, do I hate Wal-Mart. Especially Wal-Mart on a Saturday night. We must have been NUTS! I wish Anchorage had a Target. We did pick up some really cool Halloween decorations and I stocked up on hair dye and shampoo.

Howard and I are thinking that maybe we didn’t spend so much at other stores because we secretly wanted to buy some really good liquor and wine at the brand new “largest liquor store in Alaska”. Being we live in a wet village now, and we’re high funtioning alcoholics, we could go nuts! And we did. Grey Goose vodka, Chianti, some good Italian wines, Two Fingers tequila, some cordials like Triple Sec and Sloe Gin. Even got some Grenadine for good measure. You never know when you’re going to need to whip up a Singapore Sling. And it all fit into our luggage without going over the weight limit PLUS not one bottle was damaged in the trip home.

As far as movies we saw:

“The Exorcism of Emily Rose” which made me jump in some parts and we really liked it.

“In Her Shoes” which is my girl’s adaptation of her novel. And I LOVED it. Howard actually liked it too.

“A History of Violence” which was good throughout but left us frustrated at the ending. (the sex scenes weren’t as hot as they were hyped up to be either)

So the credit cards had minimal damage, my boobs look really good in my new bra, and Howard and I can now get drunk off the good shit.

Oh and I am now running around the house singing along to D.H.T.’S new cover album. Especially the song “Listen to your Heart”. It is driving Howard nuts. Life is good.

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  1. mr skin Says:

    Was the Exorcism of Emily Rose supposed to be scary? What a boring movie that was!

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