Another observation

This morning, my fingers were kind of swollen, so I opted out of wearing my wide wedding band and just wore my engagement ring instead.

I must have gotten hit on 5 different times.

But the worse line was this one:

“Hey how ya doin?”

“Good and you?”

“Pretty Good”

“Well you’re definitely pretty but I wouldn’t know about the Good part”

He followed that line with a self-satisfied grin, and nodded his head at me like he was waiting for me to blush or either flirt back.

It was so lame, I couldn’t resist an annoyed eyeroll, which didn’t really amuse him. And I didn’t care.

But I was intrigued by how these men KNOW I’m married but assume that just because I don’t wear my wedding band, that I’m suddenly available, AND apparantly ready to dive right back into the dating pool. Nevermind the rock on my finger…and the fact that my husband works there too, the morons.

Not that it isn’t flattering…I mean, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t, but today? I just wasn’t in the mood. And that’s saying a lot being as I’m one of the biggest flirts on the planet. (I said “flirt” not “slut” so stop judging and making assumptions)

By the time the last guy said something about my pretty blue eyes, I didn’t even acknowledge him. Just gave him his change and walked away laughing at his lameness.

And I’m aware that when I’m old and shriveled, I’ll be kicking myself for not enjoying all the attention.

But tomorrow? swollen fingers or not, the wedding band stays on.

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