Just an observation

A few people here are calling me Christina rather than Chris. Which is weird. That’s never happened before unless it’s someone who just can’t remember my name and they accidently call me something similar like Christine, Christy, even Crystal. lol

The mayor calls me only Christina now ever since I told him my middle name (Renee), and he just gushed about how beautiful my name was. Which I’ve never thought about, I’m like every other person on Earth. I hate the name my mom gave me. As much as I hate my father, I prefer the name he wanted for me which was Katherine. Of course, if I’d been named that, I’d prefer the name Christina.

Howard’s family has always called me Christina because Howard’s brother’s name is Chris. And let me tell you, two Chris’s at a family function, especially with alcohol, gets a little crazy. I also have a stepbrother named Chris, so when my mom and stepdad discuss their kids, they always have to say “your Chris” or “my Chris”.

Howard usually calls me Chrissy, or “Tissy”, which oh my God, he is gonna shit frisbees now that I’ve just announced that to the entire internet. Sorry honey!

Chrissy seems to be picking up popularity too though. I noticed at this year’s management conference, a lot of people from the Anchorage office called me Chrissy. Tess calls me Chrissy (and I usually call her Tessy). Kristen from Nuiqsut calls me Chrissy most of the time too. I don’t mind that because that’s what my pawpaw always called me and it just warms my heart to hear people call me that too.

One more thing, I also have a friend who goes by “Chrissy” officially, (just like I go by “Chris” officially), but her husband calls her “Chris” and of course Howard calls me “Chrissy”, so everytime we get to together with the two of them (which isn’t often anymore because they are back in NC), you can imagine the confusion.

But I like Chris, have always like Chris and most people know me by just Chris. But you can call me anything you want, except for Christine and Tina. My mom will get involved then, because she forbad anyone from calling me that growing up. Thank God. No offense to the Christine’s and the Tina’s, but let’s just not piss off my mom okay?

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