This is Sharon Ishnook, the matriarch of the Ishnook clan. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Christine Ishnook Says:

    My mom!!!! what a long time ago!!! man oh chris i’m in koliganek alaska!! going school and all that so yea

  2. Sandra Larson Says:

    You look like a very nice person. I hope your family does well. This is your daughter Christine’s friend, from up in Koliganek. I wish she got to stay longer. Man I miss her so much…I never got to say bye to her. well Chrisitne, love and miss you if your reading this. hope you come back and visit sometime.
    Love Sandra Larson

  3. Sandra Larson Says:

    Hey Christine if your reading, you can go to my site…www.s-larson10.blogspot.com

    ok. I dont know whats yours, i cant find you anymore. well when you find me you can comment me. k love you lots.

    ~Sandra Larson~

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