Hello folks! Tess here - Chris asked me to inform you of the situation that she and Howard find themselves in at the present: Internetless.

Apparently something went wrong with a scheduled power outage there in McGrath. It took out the phone lines for a day longer than expected, and the internet for the entire town is shot. The powers that be are flying in a specialist to look at things, but no one knows for sure when service will be restored. The way she described the town in the throes of internet withdrawal reminds me of “28 Days Later,” people wandering around shell-shocked and lost and wondering whatever they’re going to do now….

I’m sure that if the interruption in service continues, she will feed me little tidbits to post for her here and there so that we don’t go into withdrawals for her.

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  1. Heather Says:

    Thanks for the update Tess. I was wondering why Chris hadn’t posted for awhile. Hope they get back online soon.

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