Okay, another God damn post about SFU

See? I wasn’t the only one weeping at the finale.

I remember telling a friend of mine about the show a few years ago and he said “Oh I don’t watch shows about gay men.” Which knowing this friend, this did not surprise or offend me. This is just how he is. But if anyone thinks this show is just about gay men, you are WRONG! Dead Wrong. Pun slightly intended. hee!

Seriously, gay men are everywhere, and it is good to see them get recognition, and included with the rest of society but anyone who thinks SFU is solely about gay men OR if you let the fact that YES there are gay men who are openly affectionate on television, get in the way of your watching amazing television like that, you are missing out.

I can appreciate your opinion on such things but cover your eyes if you have to! This is really an amazing show!

Okay, off my soap box.

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