Tonight’s the Night

I even shamelessly made up a lie to get out of an invitation to a Barbeque because well this is an important night. I have my box of tissues and pan of fatty lasagna on the standby.


I just finished Season 1 and am getting ready to surf over to Amazon and purchase Season 2. You know? After watching S1 again, and knowing what I do about the show, I am totally getting Nate’s point about how he and Brenda never really did fit together. They had a great physical chemistry but it was akin to oil and water mentally. They really weren’t happy unless there was conflict. Sadly, I’ve had relationships like that. You hope and keep trying to make something meaningful out of the relationship but in the end, you’re left bitter and empty.

Howard says, however, that he wished Nate had never said anything to Brenda about how he really felt because it was a waste in the end (Nate dies within hours of telling her). But I’m all like: “Hey he had no idea he was going to die…” Howard begs to differ.

And I literally ached to see David in so much pain about his homosexuality and being “in the closet”. Lord knows I’ve got family that went through the same thing and it was very similar..I mean we all knew he was gay and could care less but were hurt that he didn’t trust us all enough to tell us sooner. I mean, family is family, it doesn’t change the person. (Which by the way, “J” is totally out of the closet now and we love him just the same and couldn’t imagine him with anyone else besides “D”) And I’ve also had the privilege of helping another gay friend come out of the closet to his family…and he’s a happier person for it.

The difference in how Claire has grown up is amazing…I mean, I could barely tolerate her in S1. The fact that she walked away from Billy immediately rather than losing all self-respect and being the masochist she usually is, showed a lot of maturity. She’s grown into her own skin. I feel like a proud parent.

And finally Ruth…Ruth, who truly has no idea how incredibly beautiful she is, has become my favorite character through the seasons. She transformed from a woman drowning in a loss of self-identity and guilt over her affair with Hiram, to a woman who found herself and the courage to put herself first in the end. And still retained all the endearing qualities that make her “Ruth”.

I watched the “Six Feet Under: In Memoriam” special and Kathy Bates said “It raised the bar for all television shows..there will never be another one like it”. I couldn’t agree more. It is something that can not and will not be duplicated. And I couldn’t think of a better time to for them to bow out gracefully than now.

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