Aug 31

But right now we should all be giving donations, or just doing whatever we can.

I thank God everyday for the good things in my life.

God be with you, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.

And to you FUCKERS who hike up prices in times of crisis? Karma will come get you one day, you worthless pieces of SHIT! You all are a waste of space, a waste of air and are not worthy to inhabite this Earth, you sick FUCKS!

Aug 30

Hello folks! Tess here - Chris asked me to inform you of the situation that she and Howard find themselves in at the present: Internetless.

Apparently something went wrong with a scheduled power outage there in McGrath. It took out the phone lines for a day longer than expected, and the internet for the entire town is shot. The powers that be are flying in a specialist to look at things, but no one knows for sure when service will be restored. The way she described the town in the throes of internet withdrawal reminds me of “28 Days Later,” people wandering around shell-shocked and lost and wondering whatever they’re going to do now….

I’m sure that if the interruption in service continues, she will feed me little tidbits to post for her here and there so that we don’t go into withdrawals for her.

Aug 24

Now Miss Julie has a blog so go over there and say hello to her too. Julie and I could tell some stories. We have so many phrases that only she and I would’s kinda scary. Julie and I once went to a hair salon and impulsively got our beautiful shoulder length locks cut into a wedge cut (this was high school, as in 13 or 14 damn years ago, calm down). My pawpaw was so shocked, he videotaped me once I got home while showing off my new look. We really did look cute but everyone thought we were nuts for having the same hairstyle.

Between Heather, Julie and myself, the three of us could write a damn book.


Now go on over there and tell her “Hi!”

Aug 24

Oh yeah and to my AMAZING friends once again, thank you for your words. I can’t say it enough how much I love you.

But if you loved me so much, why the HELL didn’t you tell me about my huge typo in the title sentence? “I some of THE best friends?” It should have read “I have some of THE best friends”

Am dork!

Aug 23

See? I wasn’t the only one weeping at the finale.

I remember telling a friend of mine about the show a few years ago and he said “Oh I don’t watch shows about gay men.” Which knowing this friend, this did not surprise or offend me. This is just how he is. But if anyone thinks this show is just about gay men, you are WRONG! Dead Wrong. Pun slightly intended. hee!

Seriously, gay men are everywhere, and it is good to see them get recognition, and included with the rest of society but anyone who thinks SFU is solely about gay men OR if you let the fact that YES there are gay men who are openly affectionate on television, get in the way of your watching amazing television like that, you are missing out.

I can appreciate your opinion on such things but cover your eyes if you have to! This is really an amazing show!

Okay, off my soap box.

Aug 23

I’ve always said it but you know, I don’t have to because they just keep proving my point.

Julie lovingly offered me her uterus (not actually giving it to me, but more like offering to carry my embryos), which of course, made me cry even though I was IMing with her AND talking on the phone to my mom at the same time. And let me say, Julie has had one shitty year. Out of respect, I won’t even go into the details but she’s suffered a tremendous loss and still has enough in her to offer herself up for pregnancy. And she’s already had a kid. God love her.

Tess and I talked about how we hate our bodies in an email and she tells me she thinks I’m beautiful anyway, and I feel the same way about her but awwww, she said it people and it made my whole day better.

Kristen sat on the phone through a psychotic episode I was having over a financial situation with a former customer and didn’t even judge me for it later, though she did get a good laugh out of it. What can I say? Insanity can be very humorous.

And Heather says that she’s lucky to have me in her life. This all over the past two days. I am so f*cking lucky when it comes to my friends. I hit the jackpot.

Now let met go into the shower and have a big old ugly cry.

Aug 22

That finale could not have been more perfect. And I don’t think could have cried more.

Tess and I had a little chat on the phone about it and she agreed.

It was a beautiful work of art, beginning to end.

Enough Said.

Aug 21

I want everyone to jump on over to Heather’s new blog. Heather and I have been friends since acid washed jeans, Rave hair spray, and Bon Jovi’s first album and I’m tickled pink for her. I guarantee you’ll be entertained. She’s just as dysfunctional as me, which is always comforting, of course, only a product of dysfunction would say something like that. Also? I think she’s the only other person on the planet who’s ever seen “Shy People” and loved it as much as I did. (she and I actually watched it for the first time together)

Anyway, get on over there and say “Hello!”

Aug 21

I even shamelessly made up a lie to get out of an invitation to a Barbeque because well this is an important night. I have my box of tissues and pan of fatty lasagna on the standby.


I just finished Season 1 and am getting ready to surf over to Amazon and purchase Season 2. You know? After watching S1 again, and knowing what I do about the show, I am totally getting Nate’s point about how he and Brenda never really did fit together. They had a great physical chemistry but it was akin to oil and water mentally. They really weren’t happy unless there was conflict. Sadly, I’ve had relationships like that. You hope and keep trying to make something meaningful out of the relationship but in the end, you’re left bitter and empty.

Howard says, however, that he wished Nate had never said anything to Brenda about how he really felt because it was a waste in the end (Nate dies within hours of telling her). But I’m all like: “Hey he had no idea he was going to die…” Howard begs to differ.

And I literally ached to see David in so much pain about his homosexuality and being “in the closet”. Lord knows I’ve got family that went through the same thing and it was very similar..I mean we all knew he was gay and could care less but were hurt that he didn’t trust us all enough to tell us sooner. I mean, family is family, it doesn’t change the person. (Which by the way, “J” is totally out of the closet now and we love him just the same and couldn’t imagine him with anyone else besides “D”) And I’ve also had the privilege of helping another gay friend come out of the closet to his family…and he’s a happier person for it.

The difference in how Claire has grown up is amazing…I mean, I could barely tolerate her in S1. The fact that she walked away from Billy immediately rather than losing all self-respect and being the masochist she usually is, showed a lot of maturity. She’s grown into her own skin. I feel like a proud parent.

And finally Ruth…Ruth, who truly has no idea how incredibly beautiful she is, has become my favorite character through the seasons. She transformed from a woman drowning in a loss of self-identity and guilt over her affair with Hiram, to a woman who found herself and the courage to put herself first in the end. And still retained all the endearing qualities that make her “Ruth”.

I watched the “Six Feet Under: In Memoriam” special and Kathy Bates said “It raised the bar for all television shows..there will never be another one like it”. I couldn’t agree more. It is something that can not and will not be duplicated. And I couldn’t think of a better time to for them to bow out gracefully than now.

Aug 20

So Tess had this over at her blog and I participated and these are her answers about me. God, there are so many inside jokes to this, that it may only be funny to the two of us and maybe a few of our cohorts. By the way Pimp Juice is a drink. And I am a dork. Enough said, just read it. And when you’re done, go back and follow the instructions so I can do it to YOU because I am such a meme whore.

1) Put your name in my comments, and I’ll respond with something random about you (I’ll respond in the comments section, so you’ll have to check back).

2) I’ll tell you what song or movie reminds me of you.

3) I’ll pick a color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.

4) I’ll say something that only makes sense to you and me.

5) I’ll tell you my first memory of you.

6) I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.

7) I’ll ask you something I’ve always wondered about you.

8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog. You MUST. It is written.”

1) Chris likes Pimp Juice, and I have the pictures to prove it!
2) Tub-thumping - Chumbawumba (Please don’t be offended, but this song also reminds me of weebles: I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down…..)
3) lime
4) That was a temendous accomplishment!
5) Your incredibly smooth southern accent coming over the phone lines
6) Squirrel (but not the mean little fuckers who steal all of the birdseed) (plus, you know, the shiny brown clothes?)
7) You moved up here to escape jail time, didn’t you? It’s ok - you can be honest. We’re all friends here.

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