Happy July 4th!

And what does one do when faced with an almost three day weekend?

Get out and enjoy the somewhat mild weather?

Fireworks? (Bah! yeah right!)

Take dog to the river and let him at least enjoy the mild weather?

The answer is none of the above because I have a headcold that kicked my ass the better part of the weekend. Saturday, I stayed in bed alllll day. I didn’t even shower or get out of my pj’s. Howard, of course, took care of me. He even pulled the twin mattress from the spare bedroom into the living room so I could watch television (we don’t have a satellite hook up in the bedroom). He did, however, have to wake me up during one of my naps because I was snoring so loud. (damn cold that makes me snore!) I remember groggily getting up and shuffling to the bedroom and promptly passing out for like four more hours. I woke up long enough to eat dinner and cancel our dinner plans with Kristen and Ben (come on, how fun is a head cold at social outings?) and went right back to bed and slept through the night. Sunday was pretty much the same though I felt lots better, and we did manage to have dinner with Kristen/Ben/Chris/Marissa and even squeezed in a game of Scrabble and Pictionary afterwards. I woke up this morning feeling sick again and will most likely go right back to bed after posting this because zzzzzzzzz, it is overcast and cold today and dammit, I just cannot get enough sleep.

So Happy Independence Day everyone! Be safe and watch lots of Fireworks on our behalf!

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