Jul 24

We’re out of Nuiqsut!!

Things I like about being out of Nuiqsut?

Being the fuck out of Nuiqsut!

Things I don’t like about being out of Nuiqsut?

Missing Kristen/Ben/Marissa/Chris

That’s it.

We’re having a ball, Howard is healthy, we’re eating much, drinking much, and convincing the animals that we will NEVER put them on a plane again.

We hope.

We soo soo hope.

We love you all, things are awesome. So many changes….amazing changes… changes I’ll fill you all in on, when we’re settled in our “new surroundings”.

Jul 13

Times? they are a changin’ and we’re movin’ right along with it. Peace out for a while, everyone. I’ll catch you on the flip side in a few weeks.

Much Love,

Jul 5

Yesterday while in the midst of a major snoozefest (see previous posts), we were awakened by Ben banging on our door telling us we had a load of freight.

Freight on a fucking holiday.

Freight when aaaalllll last week, I called this specific air carrier and BEGGED them to bring over our chill/freeze because we were out of eggs and hamburger patties and I had angry Eskimos ready to fry me on the grill. I kept getting empty promises of “Yes ma’am we’ll fly it right over, you’ll probably get it this afternoon.”

THEN we called them Friday, as in the Friday before the holiday and said we would be closed on Monday to PLEASE not deliver anything that particular day.

I guess that pissed the fuckers off.

But I digress….this has nothing to do with ice cream.

So, Howard got up and dressed and I started cooking eggs and ham and biscuits and we decided to invite Ben and Kristen over to eat so we could all bitch and moan together about having to do actual work on OUR god damn holiday.

Well. Brunch turned into LazyAssFest 2005. Every single one of us had on pajamas, and we all crashed in our living room the rest of the day and watched a marathon of “The Twilight Zone”. Finally, after about the millionth Sonic Commercial plugging the new Cookie Dough milkshake thingys, Kristen and I jumped up and said “that’s it, we’re going to the store!” She and I bought Vanilla Ice Cream, milk, cookie dough, whipped cream and cherries. Ice Cream for dinner? You bet your ass! We all tucked in, while Howard opted for left over chicken and salad (healthy fucker just wanted to make us all look bad).

After about 5 or 6 bites, we began to realize that cookie dough in ice cream tends to coagulate together and we all had these huge chocolate chip doughballs swimming in vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. It sounds yummy but trust me, this shit sticks to your ribs. We were miserably full. I thought we were going to throw up. I couldn’t even look in the ice cream section today and I wanted to gag everytime I rang up a package of chocolate chip cookies.

Perhaps, this is the diet I’ve been looking for! Perhaps I will give up chocolate cookie dough forever now! Not really, I’m sure I’ll be having the exact same thing next week whenever the craving hits but for now, I’m sticking to leftover chicken and salad.

Jul 4

I thought this was appropriate for summer and all. Enjoy!

You Are Vanilla Ice Cream
Your personality is anything but “vanilla” You’re a risk taker, who’s up for anything new.
You go well with anyone and fit into any situation.
You are most compatible with rocky road ice cream.
Jul 4

And what does one do when faced with an almost three day weekend?

Get out and enjoy the somewhat mild weather?

Fireworks? (Bah! yeah right!)

Take dog to the river and let him at least enjoy the mild weather?

The answer is none of the above because I have a headcold that kicked my ass the better part of the weekend. Saturday, I stayed in bed alllll day. I didn’t even shower or get out of my pj’s. Howard, of course, took care of me. He even pulled the twin mattress from the spare bedroom into the living room so I could watch television (we don’t have a satellite hook up in the bedroom). He did, however, have to wake me up during one of my naps because I was snoring so loud. (damn cold that makes me snore!) I remember groggily getting up and shuffling to the bedroom and promptly passing out for like four more hours. I woke up long enough to eat dinner and cancel our dinner plans with Kristen and Ben (come on, how fun is a head cold at social outings?) and went right back to bed and slept through the night. Sunday was pretty much the same though I felt lots better, and we did manage to have dinner with Kristen/Ben/Chris/Marissa and even squeezed in a game of Scrabble and Pictionary afterwards. I woke up this morning feeling sick again and will most likely go right back to bed after posting this because zzzzzzzzz, it is overcast and cold today and dammit, I just cannot get enough sleep.

So Happy Independence Day everyone! Be safe and watch lots of Fireworks on our behalf!